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Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race

Preparation is ramping up…

With just over 7 and 10 months respectively until the start of the Sydney to Hobart and Melbourne to Osaka races, things are getting busy. New instruments are being installed at the end of the month and we’re gathering the many things required for Osaka. We’ve been busy training and going sailing as much as possible. A few weeks ago we competed in the ORCV two handed race and this weekend is the first of the RMYS two handed series, which races once a month over winter. Check out our Facebook more sailing new.


Jazz Player arrives in Hobart

All snugged up at RYCT for the month. We are very happy with how the boat performed after all the modifications, especially on Friday with fresh reaching and running conditions that saw the boat light up more than we knew she could. All in all a successful trip and was great be two handed in the ocean again. Bring on Osaka 2018.